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What are the Information Literacy Modules?

The information literacy modules are instructional resources that faculty can integrate into their  courses to help students build and improve the fundamental research  skills needed to succeed.  The modules can be incorporated into courses as graded assignments or practice modules.

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Topics addressed in modules:

  • Avoiding Plagiarism Using APA Style (updated 12/11/19)
  • Avoiding Plagiarism Using MLA Style (updated 8/18/17)
  • Avoiding Plagiarism Using Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition
  • Citing Sources Using APA Style (updated to the 7th edition, December 2019)
  • Citing Sources Using MLA Style (updated to the 8th edition, August 2017)
  • Conducting a Literature Review (updated 12/2020)
  • Creating a Search Strategy (updated 12/2020)
  • Evaluating Web Sites (updated 12/2020)
  • Focusing an Information Search (updated 12/2020)
  • Moving Into Discipline Specific Research (updated 12/2020)
  • Recognizing a Research Study (updated 12/2020)
  • Selecting Articles for Academic Assignments (updated 12/2020)
  • Understanding the Information Cycle (updated 12/2020)

Getting Started

For information on how to preview and add the information literacy guides to your course, check out our “Getting Started” guide.


If you have ideas or suggestions related to the modules, please use email Christina Wray at