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What are the Information Literacy Modules?

Becoming an exceptional researcher take more than just reading articles and putting thoughts down on paper. There’s a whole other set of skills students need to set them on the path to being a scholar. The Information Literacy Modules can help students develop those skills.

The modules are short webcourses that focus on specific skills students need to search, synthesize, and cite sources properly. Faculty can assign the module as a graded assignment or for extra credit in the course.

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Information Literacy Modules

  • Avoiding Plagiarism – This module defines plagiarism, outlines when to cite sources, and how to incorporate quotes and paraphrase.
  • Citing Sources using APA Style – This module provides an overview of APA Style, basic formatting, in-text citations, and references.
  • Citing Sources using Chicago Style – This module provides an overview of Chicago Style, compares the two systems, discussing paraphrasing and quotes, and how to access resources for guidance.
  • Citing Sources using MLA Style – This module provides an overview of MLA Style, basic formatting, in-text citations, and works cited list.
  • Conducting a Literature Review – This module explains literature reviews, how to search for sources to include, and how to organize and synthesize multiple sources.
  • Creating a Search Strategy – This module explores concepts and techniques to search effectively.
  • Evaluating Web Sites – This module explores concepts and techniques to evaluation websites.
  • Moving Into Discipline Specific Research – This module explores research conversations, how to locate sources in your discipline, and how to trace a research conversation from a source.
  • Recognizing a Research Study -This module defines the structure and components of a research study.
  • Using your library successfully -This module provides an overview of key services available in the library, available resources for research, and basic search strategies.

How can I preview a module before I assign it?

Self-enroll in the course  to review the module and test your knowledge. You can access the link by contacting Chereeka Garner or scheduling a session  to review the content or make suggestions for improvement. Faculty feedback is more than welcome!

How do I assign the modules?

To assign modules to your students, simply provide the link in your course. Students can upload a screen shot of successful completion of the quiz located at the end of the module for a graded assignment or extra credit.


We welcome input on how to improve these modules and can develop modules on a new topic upon request. Please contact Chereeka Garner to explore the possibilities.

Students with laptops studying inside a study room.
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