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Recognizing a Research Study

30 minutes
Objective: Students will be able to classify an original research study using the following criteria:

  • structure of a study,
  • quality of the references,
  • author’s credentials,
  • publishing or distribution status,
  • and sponsoring organization.
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I’ve already completed one of the information literacy modules, and now another professor has assigned the same module again. Do I have to complete the module a second time?

Perhaps not. When you log in to the module, the system will “recognize” you as successfully completing the module previously. You will have the option of importing your previous score to the current course or completing the assessment again if you would like to try for a higher score.  If you import your previous score you will not have to complete the assessment again. But, if the “import” option has been disabled by your professor, you will not have an option to import a previous score, and you will need to complete the assessment again.

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