End-of-Term Faculty Usage Feedback Questionnaire

  1. Which of the following best describes how you first become aware of UCF's Information Literacy Modules as an instructional resource?
  2. Have you referred other faculty to the information literacy modules?
    • (If Yes) Overall, approximately how many other faculty have you referred to the information literacy modules?
  3. Is this the first term during which you created an instance of an information literacy module?
    • (If No) In how many past semesters have you created instances of information literacy modules?
  4. For which of the following information literacy modules did you create your own assignable instances this term? (Please check all that apply.)
  5. How many individual module instances did you create this term? (Please include multiple instances of the same module.)
  6. Which of the following best describes your approach to integrating information literacy modules into your course assignments?
  7. Did you access the information literacy module support resources available online for faculty (e.g., "Getting Started" or "FAQ" sections of the http://infolit.ucf.edu/faculty web site)?
    • (If yes,) please rate the level of helpfulness of these resources to you in performing essential tasks.
  8. Please rate the ease or difficulty with which you completed each of the following tasks.
    Task Very easy Somewhat easy Neither easy nor difficult Somewhat difficult Very difficult
    Activating your account/logging in for the first time
    Creating module instance(s)
    Making your instance(s) available to your students
    Obtaining assessment scores from your students
  9. Overall, how easy or difficult was it for you to integrate the information literacy modules into your students' coursework?
  10. Did you encounter any problems with any of the information literacy modules that hindered successful implementation into your students' coursework?
    • (If you encountered problems), please select the one area that was most problematic:
    • (If you encountered problems), what was your final step in attempting to resolve the problem(s)? (Please choose one best answer)
    • (If you encountered problems), were you able to resolve the problem(s)?
  11. Did students report to you any problems with the modules?
    • (If yes,) which of the following did you do most often in response to the student report(s)?
  12. Did you personally review each module in its entirety before assigning it to your students?
    • (If yes,) did you find the content to be appropriate to the level of students you teach?
      • (If no,) which of the following best describes the problem(s) you observed?
  13. Based on your observations of student work, please rate the modules' level of impact on students' information literacy knowledge/skills.
  14. Based upon your experiences this term, how likely or unlikely are you to assign information literacy modules in future semesters?
  15. In the course(s) in which you've integrated modules, what level of students do you teach?
  16. In which UCF college do you teach primarily?